Vietnam Romance  recreates and interrogates the fictionalized history of the Vietnam War and its culturally commodified remains through a mash-up of cultural artifacts drawn primarily from Hollywood film culture as well as war literature, comic books, popular music, collectible war memorabilia, and adventure tourist packages.

The project takes various forms: computer game, collectible, card game, live performance / puppet show / dinner theatre, and video installation.

Vietnam Romance is a tour of nostalgia for romantics and Deathmatch veterans pitting tourists vs. adventurers, history vs. its fantasies, and games vs. cinema. Film critic Ed Halter, described a film version of the project as exploring “a peculiarly American memory-trip, one in which the legacy of a gruesome war has become indistinguishable from pleasurable, if mythic-tragic, entertainments.”

If you hated the War but loved the Movies, you’ll love this game

Vietnam Romance 
has been generously supported by the Beall Center for Art And Technology through an Andy Warhol Foundation grant, and by The University of California Institute for Research in the Arts and by the UCLA Council On Research.



Dundee Contemporary Arts (Dundee, Scotland) , July 2016
Cirrus Gallery (LA), Feb 2016
-UCLA Game Art Festival/The Hammer Museum (LA), Nov 2015
-Northern Spark Festival (MN), July 2015
Postmasters Gallery (NYC) June 2015
-Babycastles (NYC) June 2015
-Angeles Gate (LA),  April,  2015
-Indiecade East/Museum of the Moving Image – (NYC), April, 2015
Amaze Festival (Berlin, Germany), April 2015
-Royal Ontario Museum (Toronto, Canada) March, 2015
Beall Center (Irvine, CA) Jan 2015
-Beit Ha’ir Museum (Tel Aviv, Israel), May 2014